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Thank You!

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Thank You!

Thank You For An Amazing Start To 2019!

In life, even the smallest of moments can lead us to places unexpected. So many minute moments slowly building upon each other, ushering us forward into the unknown with only the knowledge of what was to rely on for guidance. Over the course of our last revolution around the sun, our collective moments moved us to gather in one place to experience the changing of the year together. As if guided by the strings of an unseen puppet master, we all found ourselves exactly where we needed to be to experience the moment together, and usher in 2019.

Thank you to each and every one of you who spent these final few precious moments with us as we celebrated a new beginning and a brighter tomorrow. Tonight may had a few rough moments at the start, but the moments we shared when everything was said and done will live on forever in our minds. We want to wish a special thank you to all of the selfless volunteers, Conscious Crew, the WAMU staff and the truly dedicated members of Seattle and King County’s public safety services who gave their precious time to make this celebration happen. Without you all this event could not happen, so once again thank you for your tireless efforts.

Please get home safe and we will see you all very soon!

Thank You!